There are going to be times when you want to have a certain brick that matches with the rest of your house, landscaping feature or project. Well, there is no need to worry: here at Buy Pavers we offer our brick matching service.

It’s a simple process. All you have to do is bring a sample of the brick to our depot, located at 427-429 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing, and we will find the exact match. That is why we have always prided ourselves on offering a large collection of high quality bricks, so that whatever brick you want matched, or know the people to get the brick for you. Now, you can buy the matching brick in large or small qualities. The option is there for you to take. We will also provide you with other avenues, and alternative bricks, that might make your project come off better.

So if you are looking for the exact brick, then come down to our depot and we will be ready to help!