Ever wonder about those floors that look like a mixture of stones, including pebbles, silicate and quarry stone all plastered together and wonder how to get that exclusive and multi-coloured look? That’s called exposed aggregate pavers. The process of this stunning looking paver is to graze the stone back down to its original looking form. But rest assured, it does not make it any weaker. It is as strong as ever, and now more engaging and appealing to look at.

Which is why Buy Pavers has a wide collection of exposed aggregate pavers in stock. We understand that many people love this type of stone, so we have amassed a large selection so that regardless of what stone and project you are looking to complete, we have the pavers for you to complete. To witness the high quality of our exposed aggregate pavers firsthand, you are welcome to visit our exclusive depot at 427-429 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing. If you have any questions or queries, you are also welcome to call us on03 8360 3612 or 0457 728 377.